We Nurture

Conscious parenting & nannying

“it’s hard to find a good nanny”

“I have so many things to think about.
I need to know my nanny can think for herself.”

“My child is slightly overweight. I feel my nanny does not take this seriously.
I fear she may give her sweets.”

“It’s hard to leave my child with the nanny when he has a fever.”

“I worry the nanny does not understand my child’s challenging behavior.
That she doesn’t know when to discipline or hug him.”

“I am sleep training my child. My nanny makes it harder.
She can’t seem to let my child settle by herself.”

“My nanny doesn’t eat vegetables. Now I’m afraid my children won’t eat them either.”

“Not being able to fully trust my nanny
is so stressful.”

we nurture a solution

We Nurture helps families form a child care and household management team with their nanny. Our training & coaching is effective and saves a lot of time. We help you get clarity on what you want and we train and coach your nanny on the job.

So that

they become the nanny you need

The result? Peace of mind,
a house run by your rules,
happy, healthy children &
a motivated, professional nanny
who never wants to leave you. 

on-the-job nanny training

We start by creating a We Nurture blueprint, so we have clearity on your family culture. This will be your nanny’s guideline throughout the 8 week training program.

The We Nurture online nanny training program, consists of video lessons and assignments. It combines knowlegde with mindset shifts. The program is designed to help the nanny implement your We Nurture blueprint.

In weekly group calls and individual calls the nannies discuss progress and challenges. In between lessons we keep in touch with a voice messaging app. A midway progress call with the parents and an evaluation call with your complete nurture team at the end ensure we are all aligned.

hi, i’m esther!

I’m a nanny, an anthropologist and entrepreneur on a mission: to help parents and nannies to make happier homes for their children. We Nurture focuses on turning your relationship with your nanny into a productive partnership that makes your life easier and less stressful.

Your nanny is one of the most important investments you’ll ever make for your children and developing a partnership with that nanny is so vital for your happiness and that of your children.

I look forward to helping you. Please let me know if you have any questions!

If you’d like, you can read more about why I started this company and what my vision is. Or get started immediately and implement the tips we spread through our social media channels

All my best,
Esther Maagdenberg

“I see a future in which parenting is an enjoyable, manageable part of the life of working parents.
I see a big role for nannies in creating this future.”

Let’s talk about you

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We look forward to getting to know you and your family!